Terms of service

The use of tests, training courses, consulting services and users entering this website when using their personal profile and other services provided means that the user is aware of and accepts the following rules.


General rules

All the principles and procedures of this site are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of electronic commerce and the law of protection of consumer rights, and the user is subsequently obliged to comply with the relevant laws. In case of changes in the listed rules, procedures and services, this page will be updated and the user must accept the new rules to continue using the website.


User definition

A user is a person who buys and uses the services of this website with his user information that he entered when creating a personal profile, for a purpose other than business or professional occupation.


User Obligations

• The user is obliged to enter the correct and real information when completing the personal profile information, otherwise, all the consequences of this matter and the inability to communicate between the site support and the user will be on the user.

• The user is required to purchase the service at least 48 hours before the desired time to participate in the test.

• He should also be careful when choosing the day and time of the exams, because if the user requests to change the time of the exam, only if the number of reserved exams has not reached the quorum at that time, the user's request will be processed.

• The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account or personal profile and password, and all responsibilities arising from the activities carried out under the user account will be the responsibility of the user.


Definition of seller

This website, which provides services related to language training courses, preparation courses for international exams, and Mock tests, is defined as a service seller.


Obligations of the seller

• The seller is committed that the services provided are fully in accordance with the standards of the main tests, and it is the responsibility of the officials of this website to support and provide appropriate answers to users regarding their services and educational needs.

• Also, the seller undertakes to regularly control the content of tests and language training courses and test preparation and update them if necessary.


Privacy policy

This website respects and protects the private information of people who use the site's services and undertakes to protect the privacy of users as much as possible.

All existing and produced materials and the process of holding an online test on this website are considered part of our intellectual property, and the right to use and publish part or all of the materials is the exclusive property of this website, and any use without obtaining written permission, including Commercial or non-commercial, we reserve the right to prosecute.


Conditions and how to respond

• This website always tries to respond to your needs and questions regarding the services provided in the best way and in the shortest possible time, and with strong support, it provides the possibility of using educational services and tests even on non-working days so that users can benefit from the facilities and services of the website with ease.

• The time to answer questions in the case of phone calls is from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day, and in case of sending a ticket to support or writing to the email address of the website will be one working day.


Payment Terms

• The use of the educational services of this website is subject to the payment of the service price through the payment portal embedded in the website for this purpose, which is in accordance with the laws of business and online commerce of the country.

• It should be noted that reserving the test and choosing a time does not mean completing the registration and purchase process. Only if the payment is successful, your registration for the test and educational services is considered definitive.


Damages Payment Terms

• The seller undertakes to transfer the amount paid by the user to the his bank account within 24 to 48 working hours in case of an unsolvable problem in the provision of services, or in case of technical problems on the part of the website and any other customer dissatisfaction and withdrawal in the event of the seller's negligence.

• The seller can at any time, while using the service or after, if he is aware of the abuse of the content or the process of holding a Mock test, either in terms of content or technically, by users or other people, cut off their access to services and file a complaint and claim for damages.



All the conditions and rules listed are valid under normal conditions, and in case of any violation, it can be followed up through the competent authorities.

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